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PCS-Tender (or PCS-T) is a secure website, provided by the Scottish Government, that allows procurent officers and suppliers to manage tender exercises online.

Procurement Officers can create consistent tender documentation, evaluate tenders, manage contracts and supplier performance, in a secure and efficient manner using standard and legally compliant templates.

The standard European Single Procurement Document (ESPD) and the Invitation to Tender templates are available on PCS-T to assist users.


  • stores ESPD responses which can then be reused multiple times (when bidding ESPD responses should always be rechecked to ensure the information provided is relevant to the specific tender);
  • provides the facility to edit responses as many times as necessary prior to the tender submission deadline;
  • provides access to tender document responses from any location at any time;
  • provides a standardised message service between procurement officers and suppliers;
  • can be accessed via a single sign on through the Public Contracts Scotland (PCS) website.

Using PCS-T for Tenders

Not all procurement officers have access to PCS-T. 

Procurement Officers will state in their Contract Notice whether bidders have to respond to their tender via PCS or PCS-T, and will include instructions on how to access the tender documents.

More information on how to respond to a tender via PCS-T can be found in the PCS-T Supplier Response Guide.

PCS-T Further Information and Support can be provided via the following contact details:

PCS-T website can be found at:

Support telephone number:       0800 069 8630

Support email address:   

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